FML are able to provide our clients with systems to meet the new demands for air sealing of buildings in accordance with the new Part L building regulations. For thermal applications FML are able to offer a range of systems that can achieve the insulation requirements of individual areas of the building to meet the specified thermal insulation criteria.

Fire Management Ltd use coated board and mastic for air sealing purposes. These products are tested for air tightness which gives the consultant a known basis from which to work. By applying air seals to known gaps and spaces we can control the potential heated or cooled air loss. We follow the guidelines of the ATTMA which requests that the air test company and the installation company should be different organizations. As such we do not partner with an air testing business but we work closely with them and our client to ensure good practice.

Effective air sealing to produce the required air test result at the first opportunity is very cost effective. Repeated tests later in the project life will be very expensive and will cause program delays.

Part L of the new Building Regulations is intended to help with the implementation into UK law of the European Performance of Building Directive, as well as playing an important role with the reduction of carbon emissions of buildings to help meet Kyoto targets and commitments.

The regulations require that every new dwelling is tested for air leakage. The frequency of testing is laid out in the Building Regulations Part L and is dependant on design and construction methods used. FML will carry out surveys of ongoing construction and provide solutions aimed at ensuring a first time air tightness test pass.